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Pet MT Plastik A.S. has been established on 2007 in Duzce - Turkey. It proudly focus its efforts to serve its customers with ambitious terms of quality, reliability and expertise with its standard range and customized PET, PS, ABS, ABS+PMMA and Free Foamed PVC sheets. In home and abroad registered trademarks of polimer sheets produced by MT Plastik A.S, is Plastech. We have been investing for years in plastic technologies, sharing its expertise with all fields of applications; signage, furniture, architecture, home and decoration. MT Plastik A.S. focus its customer wills locally with one wide PET, one wide PS/ABS and four wide Free Foamed PVC lines and their utilities at in around 15.000 sqm closed facility. Personal care, dynamic team, flexible delivery conditions, fast responsiveness, respect for nature and human are just some features you will find throughout our organisation. We are continuously working on new products and searching for the most cost-effective solutions in always high quality standards. With 40.000 MT/year polymer processing capacity MT Plastik A.S. is one of the Europe’s largest producer of PET, ABS, PP, HIPS and PVC Free Foam Sheet Extrusion and LDPE Rotation. For PET, PS / ABC extrudes has also Co- extrusion property even till five layers. This offers you exceptional opportunities for specifying the material combinations that will produce the mechanical, chemical and physical properties, surface finish, colour and environmental performance you need.
Semi Products
Office Products Coat Racks are designed for beauty and function, these coat racks are suitable for home or office use. Various models are offered with different accessories, functions and sizes. All models are heavy and sturdy for stability. They support up to 25 kilograms in average. Waste Baskets are mainly made of stainless steel for hygienic reasons. All models easily incorporate in contemporary Office buildings, lounges, lobby or at an entryway to promote paper litter disposal. Available in different capacities, finishes and functions.
Leaflet Dispensers MT Displays offers wide range of brochure holders in various styles and capacities. Highly resistant transparent Brochure Holders are suitable for use on wall or desk-top. Each has suitable surface for branding by silk screen. Menu Holders are practical displays for menus in both ways. Depending on the environment used, budget and style various options are available. Tumble Boxes are available as free stading and counter top. Each is also available as already fixed or DIY. Depending on the needs, transparent and non-transparent tumble boxes are available.
Counter Displays Counters are available in various sizes and styles. They are perfect for use as counter as well as large advertisement display. Optional carry bags are available for easy transport. Promostands are offered in various sizes and shapes. These promostands are suitable for exhibitions, demonstrations and other kinds of presentation. Produced in white plastic material, ready for any kind of decoration. Foldable and easy to transport and mount. Optional accessories such as shelves, headers, brochure holders, carry bags and more are available by the product.
Exhibition Displays Panset exhibition system is a portable & friendly assembled panel construction. The durable framework of Panset can be positioned between 0-360° The framework of the construction can be easily unassembled to permit a quick change of the panel inside. The Poster can easily change by laminating. Panset systems have a variety of sizes 3X3,3X4,3x5. Panset black carry bag main body for all size is available. Pop-up stands with clips or magnetic are still the most popular standard display for large graphic displays. They are easy to transport, light weight, simple pop-ups and packable into a roto-molded plastic carry bag for transportation. Pop-up displays have a variety of sizes 3x3, 3x4. Panels are fitted to create a round display. Lights are available upon request. A modular truss system with unlimited possibilities. Made in strong and durable materials - aluminium, steel and composite. At the same time it is a lightweight and foldable truss construction. The perfect function and unique design allow the creation of custom expressions fitted to your individual needs. Very easy to assemble, disassemble, pack and carry. Available as standard models as well as parts.
Digital Signage
Digital Solutions Available in different styles. Based on the need and environment used, Has universal bracket that is designed to fit all VESA universal bracket. No visual clutter, the cables can be hidden to the rear column. It allows adjusting the screen height and angle for comfortable use. Portable for room-to-room transport. Ideal to use in fairs, meeting rooms, halls and many other businesses. Wide selection of tablet holders is suitable for most tablets, smart phones and laptops both in landscape and portrait positions. They designed for ergonomic use, adjustable and with soft edges to protect furniture from scratches. Smart Solutions for Technological Devices! Tablet Kiosks for wall or freestanding are suitable for iPad1, 2, 3, 4, Air, Samsung Galaxy and most 9.7”-10.1” tablets. The Tablet Kiosks can be rotated to display landscape portrait positions and tablet is secured with a lockable case to reduce the risk of theft. USB cable travels through the pole for cleaner view. USB cable, cable kit and Lightining to 30-pin adapter are available for different models. The home button is covered to prevent interfering from the public. Tablet Kiosks are suitable for retail purposes, trade shows and conventions as well as car galleries, furniture stores. It is easily mounted on required height.
Brochure Sets
Printable Solutions
Noticeboards Noticeboards, outdoor lockable cases are made of heavy aluminium and suitable for use outdoor. It is important to follow mounting instructions for weatherproof feature. Illuminated and non illuminated options with cork or magnetic are available. Supplied with stays and set of keys.
Showboards Universal Showboard; durable aluminium lockable case, Universal Showboards are designed for public places or outdoor use as they have vandal resistance panels. 30 mm deep profile and hidden lock provides contemporary look. Suitable for internal and external use in landscape or portrait potions. 2 door stays help changing the poster. Supplied complete with a set of keys. Poster magnetic and cork options are available. Showboards; heavy aluminium lockable case, Showboards is designed for outdoor. It is suitable for large sizes even 12 x A4. Weather proof Showboard are suitable for use landscape or portrait. Complete with door stays, set of keys and mounting hardware. Poster magnetic,cork and magnetic and cork options are available. Officeboards are light and suitable for indoor use. Suitable for use landscape or portrait. Supplied with set of keys and mounting hardware. Magnetic and corc options are available.
Frameboards Our frame boards boards are manufactured with magnetic and cork surface using high precision framing techniques for quality finished product. This allows us to offer practical and decorative message boards with competitive wholesale prices.Drawings, grades, notes,agendas, to do list, family programs, children's arts, photographs, memoirs, reminders, messages and more can be displayed buy using products of Frameboard range.These frameboards are available with horizontal or vertical hanging.
Illuminated Products MT Displays LED illuminated signs are the best attraction the advertisement point. Besides energy-saving benefit, LED lights are brighter than any other illuminated sign. When integrated into sign holders and frames, print advertisements are converted to eye-catching displays. For best solution special backlit foils are recommended to use. For long term use, please review LED Manual and maintained as per the information provided in this manual.
Info Stands Infoboards are a simple, stylish and affordable marketing and advertising solution. No matter what your business or organization is trying to advertise, it wil be clearly promoted in this large, double-sided frame. Infoboards, also known as poster stands, work perfectly in retail stores, banks, tourist attractions, and community centers. They are also ideal for use in indoor retail entryways or near best sellers! The sleek, stylish, and prominent design make these store fixtures virtually impossible for a customer or patron to pass by without a glance.
Que Control System We offer belt and rope options for controlling the crowd. They are offered with different post finishes and belt or rope colours. Sign Frame is also offered as accessory for belt options. You can choose the best to suit your needs.
Wood Displays We offer a range of A Boards so called sidewalk signs and Frames made of solid wood. You can have different notices everyday thanks to easy-clean boards. You can use real chalk or waterbase chalk pens. Complete your order with chalk or pen. All wood signs require no tool for assembly. They are ready to use.
Pavement Signs The name says it all. The A shape provides stability. A-frame signs are highly effective advertising tool to drive passerby into your place. A-frame sign's aluminum snap frames make it easy to refresh your graphics. The waterproof cover protects your posters from dust and damages and is also sun-proof. Pavement signs with galvanized and iron backboards are ideal for outdoor use as they withstand windy and rainy weathers. Cheap sidewalk signs are perfect outdoor signage where there is the most passerby traffic. Promote your brand with a silver or black a-frame, encouraging impulse sales. The aluminium A Frame sign is used for various applications. It is a perfect sign tool to help take attention in high traffic commercial environment. The silver anodised aluminium body is durable, stainless and offers long time use. The snap open sidewalk signs are sold without graphics.
Menuboards The Menuboard with a sight angle that catches the eye level. It is available in the sizes A3 and A4 both in landscape & portrait positions. The Curved Menuboard is suitable for use in hotels, galleries, museums, restaurants, lobby, bars, etc.. It is available in A4 and A3 portrait and landscape positions. The Folder Menuboard has a transparent acrylic shelf catching the eye level. It has a ring binder available to hold 2xA4 individual menu pages. Heavy duty outdoor Restaurant board is ideal for displaying menus, special offers, events and more.
Presentation Systems Clip Board; heavy duty, textured steel Clip Board is designed for the most demanding environments such as healthcare, offices, catering and any outdoor work. Fast Note Fast Note is a product which enables you to hang your papers, notes, pictures or photos without magnets or pins. Thanks to the cylinders in the profile you can easily keep the paper inside. Rotatable Model White Boards; Double sided magnetic drywipe and revolving Whiteboard which offers one side plain smooth surface and the other side allows inserting papers together with drywipe surface. Map Boards; Highly durable full colour whiteboard magnetic maps. These detailed and informative maps are framed and encapsulated in a drywipe surface with a magnetic backing board; enabling them to be drawn on or used with magnetic or self adhesive accessories.
Door Signs Perfect sign tool to help direct traffic in business environment. It is an elegant and practical product. You merely need to open the front profile in order to change your documents. Standoff; designed as frameless, Standoff Mount Acrylic Sign is a practical display system allowing to change poster when it is still on the wall by sliding.
Poster Holders No tools required to change graphics. The banner grip models are offered in a wide assortments of sizes and suitable for all hanging poster requirements. Posters are held strongly and do not drop. These poster hangings kits can hold printed paper and banner single or double sided. These indoor hanging sign holders are less expensive compared to traditional snap frames. These low cost hanging rails are usually used in front of shop windows with suction cups or clear strings.
Slide In Frames Practical to change posters by sliding them in & out. Ready for use with 2 PET covers. It has single and double sided options as well as counter options. It is recommended for shops, petrol stations, offices, hotels, travel agents and similar trade area.
Poster Frames
Opti Frames Opti Frame is a worldwide patented snap frame as well as patented in man country. It is a practical sign holder and economic advertising solution for display an add needs. It is available in 14mm/0,55”, 25mm/1” and 32mm profiles. There is also 2 optison for corners: Soft mitered corners and soft round corners. Both options provide public safety when this click frame is used in busy traffic public areas. Opti Frame is a multi-purpose click frame for graphics. It can be mounted on wall or used on a counter. To use on a counter there is a counter support available. This easels colour matches with the backing colours to offer complete look. Opti Frame is a perfect solution for restaurants, shop, offices, hotels and even personal us with funny colours. This snap open door sign comes complete with an anti glare protective plastic cover to protect your insert from dust, dirt and getting damaged. You can also brand Opti Frame with your logo or corporate colour, subject to moq.
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